Do laser guns exist

Updated: 8/20/2023
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yes because i use them in laser tag and budlighter uses it

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Certainly. If you're familiar with the game Laser Tag, those are basically laser guns, although not the sort you might find in Science Fiction movies.

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Q: Do laser guns exist
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What year will laser guns exist?

They already do.

Are there laser guns that blast laser beams or laser pulses available for store purchase to the general public?

No. There are laser pointers that are available to the public, but they are not weapons. Laser guns as you see in science fiction do not exist.

If laser guns exist where are they used?

Laser Tag games, militaryforce-on-force exercises using MILES gear, that sort of thing.

Who Invented laser guns?

the laser was invented.....

Do you have laser guns?


How does laser speed guns use lasers?

Laser speed guns use lasers by Doppler shift measurement.

What advantages do laser guns have over radar guns?

Laser speed guns can target ONE specific vehicle, where radar may read one of several vehicle. Laser is harder to detect in advance, and harder to jam than radar.

Where can you buy laser tag guns?

Toys R' Us has a fine variety of laser tag guns. Try shopping online as well.

Did they use laser guns in ww1?

Of course they did.

Why are dinos extinct?

frogs and laser guns

Where cans someone purchase laser tag guns online?

Two good online stores to find laser tag guns are Lasertag Super Store and Battle Field Sports. They both carry full lines of laser tag guns and equipment.

What guns still exist?

Lots of guns still exist. That is a pretty vague question.