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No they do not.

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Q: Do they eat cats and dogs in Japan?
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What did they eat in japan in world war 2 eat?


Does Japan eat dogs and cats?

A minority of Japanese eat whales. Japanese people themselves do not eat dogs, but some immigrants to Japan from other countries do. Dog meat only exists in Japan as imports to serve such immigrants.

Can you do stuff with dogs or cats like eat them?

In China you could eat Dogs but I don't know about cats

Do dogs eat cats sometimes?

yes. some times even cats eat little dogs...

Are cats and dogs both omnivores?

yes because cats eat tuna and dogs eat beef.

Is oil from a tuna can bad for dogs?

Probably, but it might be okay for cats to eat it because cats can eat fish, and dogs can't usually eat what cats can.

Did the AZTECHS eat dogs and cats?

The Aztecs did eat cats and dogs but they weren't the only ones many other cultures ate cats and dogs this is true by the way.

Do dogs and cats eat algae?

Dogs and cats are unlikely to seek out and eat algae on their own. Algae is not a typical part of their diet and may cause gastrointestinal issues if consumed in large amounts. It's best to provide a balanced diet specifically formulated for their nutritional needs to keep them healthy.

Does the dog eat cats?

No. Dogs do not generally eat cats, but dogs could conceivably kill a cat, so be careful.

How do cats eat dogs?

They don't.

What does the United Kingdom eat - do they eat dog and cats?

Dogs and cats are off the menu.

Is it true that dogs and cats can not eat turkey?

It is not true because turkeys are to fast for dogs and cats.