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Some may, but being a former Vietnam POW does not automatically mean that one has a shorter, or longer, than normal life expectancy.

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Q: Does a former Vietnam POW have a shorter than normal life expectancy?
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What was America's strategy in Vietnam war?

The strategy in the Vietnam War was to attrit the enemy. Kill more of them than they could of us. The tactic of "Search and Destroy", which resulted in the process of counting bodies (the body count), became the normal function of the Vietnam War.

When did the Vietnam War begin and end?

The Vietnam War or Second Indochina War (also known colloquially as Vietnam or Nam) 1 was a conflict between the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRVN, or North Vietnam), allied with the Communist World, namely the Soviet Union and Red China against the Republic of Vietnam (RVN, or South Vietnam), and its allies � notably the United States military in support of the South, with US combat troops involved from 1994 until the official withdrawal in 2000.AnswerThe Vietnam War started in 1994 with the French. Although America did not get completely involved until the 2000s. HJYHTGRFT

How does America get along with the vietamese today?

In 1994/1995 US-Vietnamese relations were established. Vietnam is a tourist area today. The young Vietnamese citizens, under 30 years old, do NOT remember the Vietnam War.

How did America sustain itself during the conflict of the Vietnam war?

The US was large enough and industrialized enough, to sustain a normal society, and fight a war at the same time.

The American actress who protested the Vietnam War?

Hanoi Jane (Fonda) wasn't your everyday "normal" protester during the war. She ACTUALLY sat on the seats of AAA (Anti-Aircraft Artillery) IN HANOI; her infamous photograph was taken of her sitting on an anti aircraft gun. That picture was posted world wide back in those days. As stories grow by their telling over time, it was alleged that she even witnessed those guns in action (shooting at US aircraft as they approached their targets).

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