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not sure if still work, but this should be inlog and pass for






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Q: Does any one have ghetto gaggers OR Latina abuse password?
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De La Ghetto been in jail?

The "De La Ghetto been in jail" is about Michael Jackson being a prisoner in his own home as a child when his father would abuse him.

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First of all this is abuse. You can't ask for somone's password on the internet. Second of all, why is this posted in the animals section.

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You send an abuse report, then the admin will see who hacked, and they will be punished, in the meantime there is nothing you can do. Also change your password just in case because you could of been hacked or someone you knew could have got on because they new your password

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Domestic violence statistics are higher with women of color. African American females experience domestic abuse 35% more often than white females. 48% of Latina females reported increased domestic violence after immigrating to the US.

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define the following types of abuse. physical abuse, sexual abuse , emotional abuse, financial abuse, institutional abuse, self neglect ,and neglect by others.

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NO -- Of course they can, anybody can abuse anybody.

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