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Yes the USAF has AFSC's pr "Job" that fall under SOCOM or Special Operations Command. Some of our Special Forces include the Pararescue men, the Combat Air Traffic Controller, the Sere Specialist, and the Tactical Air Control Party, as well as other AFSC's that partake in SOCOm missions such as Explosive Ordinance Disposal and Combat Weather. this list is not all inclusive and a USAF Recruiter should be contacted for further information. There is no such thing as special forces in the airforce. many people get confused with spec ops and spec forces. the special forces are green berets ONLY. But the answer is yes if you mean pec ops. they are pararescue.

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1st Special Operations Wing, 24th Special Operations Wing and 27th 1st Special Operations Wing are the special forces teams in the air force.

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They have special operations, but their roles are a bit different than what special operations forces of other branches do.

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Q: Does the air force have special forces?
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Does the air force have ships?

The only watecraft the Air Force has are the ones that Special Forces uses for recovery and Rescue missions.

What does Air Force PJ stand for?

Para Jumpers, of the U.S.A.F. special forces

What is the special l force for the air force?

The Air Force has Special Operations, "Special Forces" is the term for Army Green Berets. The Air Force special ops consist of:PararescueCombat ControllersSpecial Ops Weather TeamOr in BritainRoyal Marines and RAF Regiment are the second closest to a Special Operations.the Royal Air Force have:RAF RegimentRAF Parachute Team.However Britain does have a Air Special Ops branch which is obviously the SAS (Special Air Service)

What type of military forces do Romania have?

Romania has an army, navy, air force, and special troops.

What is the goal of Air Force Special Forces?

The goal of Air Force Special Forces, specifically the Special Tactics teams, is to provide the Air Force with highly skilled and specialized personnel who can conduct a variety of specialized missions such as personnel recovery, precision strike, and battlefield trauma care. Their primary objective is to enable global access for air, space, and cyberspace operations, and to integrate with joint and coalition partners to achieve mission success.

When was Eighth Air Force Scouting Forces created?

Eighth Air Force Scouting Forces was created in 1944.

What is the RAF-?

It is the Royal Air Force, the air-force wing of the British armed forces.

Is delta force part of the air force?

No, Delta force is the U.S. Army's tier one special operations unit. It is formally known as "1st special forces operational-detachment delta", its Navy and Airforce counter parts are DEVGRU(SEAL team six), and the 24th special tactics squadron.

Which nation has strong air force?

The US Air Force and the Israeli Air Force are renowned to have the best Air Forces in the World.

When was Sri Lanka Air Force Regiment Special Force created?

Sri Lanka Air Force Regiment Special Force was created in 2003.

Did air force special forces make up the 173rd airborne during hamburger hill?

US Air Force pathfinders, the precursor to combat controllers, were among the ground troops at the Battle of Hamburger Hill.

What was the name of the british air forces?

The RAF, Royal Air Force