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Q: During World War II, the battle that turned the tide of war against Germany on the eastern front was the?
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Why is the Battle of the bulge happening?

Hitlers last offensive against the western allies (Russia (USSR) was Germany's primary enemy and was an Eastern enemy of Germany).

What was the nickname of the battle lines between Germany and Russia during world war 1?

The Eastern Front

What was the name given to battle lines between Russia and Germany during World War 1?

Eastern Front, which took place in Central and Eastern Europe.

Did the British help Germany during Dunkirk?

No, Britain were fighting against Germany. The battle of Dunkirk was actually a British and French retreat.

Why was the Battle of Stalingrad considered the turning point in the war against Germany?

The Battle of Stalingrad (August 23, 1942 and February 2, 1943) marked the furthermost Eastern point the Nazi army reached on the Eastern Front . After the battle the Russians could not be stopped on their way to Germany's capitol of Berlin marking the end of war for the Russians and Germans both .

Who were against Britain in the battle of Britain?


Who was against Germany in the battle of Dunkirk?

The allied forces were against the German axis

When was the last major battle in the war against Germany?

The last major battle in the war against German Nazis was the Battle of Berlin completed by the Soviets.

What battle turned the tide of war against Germany?


What was the two main battlefronts in World War 2?

The two main belligerent countries were Germany and Japan. For Germany the main battle front was the Eastern Front fighting Russia from 1941 to 1945. For Japan the main battle front was the Pacific Islands fighting against the US from 1941 to 1945.

What land were France and Germany fighting over in the Battle of Verdun?

The area that France and Germany fought for in the battle of Verdun were the eastern regions of Lorraine and Alsace; these regions were in between Germany and the French capital Paris.

What military strategy did Germany use in the battle against France in World War 2?

Germany strategy during the first and second world war was strategic bombing, use of chemical weapons and the massacre of civilians capable of fighting against them.