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Q: During World War 1 America was the focus of what?
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What focus did America have during World War 1?

much propaganda

During World War 1 America was the focus of?

much Propaganda

What was the not a consequence of America victory during World War 2?

which of the following was not a direct consequence of america's victory during World War 11

During World War 1 American was the focus of?

much propaganda

Who was the prime minister of America during World War 1?

The United States of America does not have a prime minister. The president is the head of government. During World War I. Woodrow Wilson was the president of the United States of America throughout World War I.

What was entertainment during World War I?

Entertainment during world war 1, included radio technology but also a large focus on the home and family togetherness.

How did America help it allies during World War 2?

America helped it's allies during World War 2 by shooting people and stuff. they were smart.

Who is the president of America during world war 2?


Who was America's general during world war 1?


What was popular in America during world war 1?


What groups had new opportunities during world war 2 in America?

america and germany

Was there Captain America during the world war 2?

no. there wasn't a captain america during world war 2. there was no time for that. the bombing was more important at those times. I don't even think he even existed then. so no. there wasn't a captain america during the world was 2.