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During World War 2, Coventry in England and Dresden in Germany were connected in that both were subjected to devastating bombing raids that results in widespread destruction and the deaths of thousands of people.

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Q: During World War 2 the cities of Coventry and Dresden were connected in what way?
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Which 2 cities were badly bombed during WW2?

uk - coventry, exeter, london germany - dresden and berlin

What were the top ten cities to be bombed during World War 2?

London Birmingham Manchester Liverpool Southampton Paris Moscow Dresden Coventry Hamburg Dusseldorf Munich Berlin

Which English cities suffered the most during World War 2?

no cities were evacuated. Children living is some cities - especially (east) London were

Which European cities were damaged in World War 2?

Many cities in Germany, Britain and the USSR suffered aerial bombardment, some of the worst examples are Coventry which had to be almost completely rebuilt as well as Dresden in Germany and London. Many other European cities suffered from street fighting and artillery attack.

What major cities were bombed in World War 2?

There were quite a few major cities bombed during WW2 by all sides such as Tokyo , Berlin , London , Leningrad , Stalingrad , Cologne , Hamburg , Coventry , Dresden , Warsaw , Hiroshima & Nagasaki , etc . . .

What punishment was given because of bombing dresden?

The bombing of Dresden was an act of war. No different in most ways than the bombing of many cities in Britain like Coventry and Southampton and indeed the centre of London. Thousands of British citizens and children were killed indiscriminately by German bombs. The same happened to Poland, Belgium and Holland. Why would you think the bombers of Dresden should get some special punishment . - Your knowledge of history is deplorable.

Which cities are twinned with Birmingham?

Coventry and Wolverhampton

What places did Britain bomb during World War 2?

Mostly German cities like Berlin, Hamburg and controversially - Dresden.

What two cities were badly bombed during ww2?

There were many cities badly bombed during World War II, on all sides.London, Coventry, and so on, in England.Moscow, Stalingrad, and so on, in Russia.Berlin, Hamburg, and so on, in Germany.

What did Germany do to Britain?

Bombed our cities, including London, Coventry, Swansea, Hull and Birmingham. Coventry was almost destroyed.

Which cities were badly bombed during the blitz?

London was bombed heavily in the early part of the war and Dresden, Germany was just about obliterated in Feb of 1945.

Which cities did German bombers attack?

London, Coventry, UK.