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The North and South should take equal responsibility for causing the Civil War

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Q: During reconstruction what was a belief of the radical republicans?
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What was the belief during the reconstruction of the radical republicans?

The North and South should take equal responsibility for causing the Civil War

What was the view of Union General George B McClellan on the radical Republicans?

Casting away General George B. McClellan's ambitions, he was sincere in his belief that radical Republicans were a threat to his war efforts. In fact he believed that Radicalism was just as great of a threat to the US republic as Southern cession.

What was agreed in exchange for the presidency in the election of 1876?

A common belief is that the Democrats and Republicans made an unofficial compromise that allowed Rutherford Hayes to win the election in exchange for the Republicans' removal of federal troops from southern states and, thereby, ending Reconstruction.

What is radical Judaism?

Radical Judiasm is like any other religious extremism. It is the belief that the Jewish religion is the only correct one.

Who is sohale siddiqi?

I believe this could be another chapter in BO's life that links him to islamic radical belief?

What has the author John Austin Baker written?

John Austin Baker has written: ''The reconstruction of belief' then and now'

What was the belief of the moderate republicans caught between Lincoln and the radicals?

they believed in equality of all americans,regardless of their race

How was the Hebrews belief in one God significant to civilization?

This belief has since been accepted by many peoples and has had an influence upon morality and belief in justice and other values.

How many republicans are christian?

You can, being a democrat or a republican does not affect your religion or your belief in our heavenly father. Hoped I help with my answer :-)

What are a Republicans beliefs?

one belief is that people who have money have worked hard for it and don't want it to be taken forcfully and given to people who don't work at all republicans think people should give to the poor freely instead of being forced through taxes

Why did the southerners belief in states right hamper the confederate government during the war?

how did the southerners belief in states rights hamper the confederate government during the war

Why was John Lock's belief that government exist to serve the people considered a radical idea?

The idea at the time was that rulers were put in place in order to better the country or by the divine selection of God. This led to the thought that if the leader was trying to better our country or if God has put him there, i need to do my part to help him, so people existed to support the government. Locke challenged this idea, thus making his belief a radical idea.