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(Red Scare)

The fear of a communist takeover was called a "Red Scare." During the late 1800s and early 1900s communists and other radical socialists chose the color "red" to symbolize their movement. Communists carried a red flag when they seized control of Russia in 1917. Many people in other countries then began to fear that the "reds" (communists) would try to takeover their country as well.After World War I, many Americans feared that communists were plotting to take control of the U.S. This fear came to be known as the Red Scare. Similar Red Scares took place after World War I in Italy and Germany. After World War II another Red Scare swept across the U.S. Americans once again feared that communist agents were sneaking into the U.S. and planning to destroy the American way of life.

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Q: During the early years of the Cold War many Americans feared that communist agents were sneaking into the US and planning to destroy the American way of life This fear was called a?
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