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Q: During the global depression war debts caused great suffering in?
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During the global depression war debts caused suffering in?


Contributed to the global economic crisis during the great depression?

Postwar reparations led to hyperinflation and economic collapse in Germany.

How will the depression in the global economy affect the strategic planning in the organization?

How will the depression in the global economy affect the strategic planning in the organisation?

Why were the 1930s called the devil's decade?

It was a period of financial difficulty caused by the 1929 Wall Street Crash that led to a global depression. Britain had an economic decline

What is usually caused by global warming?

Global warming can lead to a range of effects such as rising sea levels, extreme weather events (like hurricanes and heatwaves), melting ice caps, and disruption to ecosystems and wildlife. It can also exacerbate existing environmental problems such as droughts, wildfires, and food and water shortages.

Ozone depletion is caused by global warming?

No, ozone depletion was caused by CFCs in the atmosphere.

What is the world wide depression?

World wide depression is nothing but the effect of Recession. Due to Economy Recession many people lay off and pink slips, this caused depression to the victims since the recession is sheer global economy, the depression raised globally.. Let me know if you need further deep dive. -Jitendra Nath Palem

Which was a result of the Great Depression worldwide?

global unemployment

What are the Examples of global crises?

1929-1933 the global depression 1997 Southeast Asian crisis

What are the global concept of cultural diffusion of Hinduism?

i think it means suffering

What were the effects of the global depression in the 1930s?

starvation and political unrest

Are volcanoes caused by global warming?