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This brought Great Britain into the conflict. The British had close ties with Belgium, one of their nearest neighbors on the continent. Outraged over the violation of Belgium neutrality, Britain declared war on Germany on August 4.

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Great Britain declared war on Germany.

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Q: Effects of germany invading belgium to get to france?
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Germany's strategy to surprise France by invading through Belgium was called the?

The "Schlieffen" Plan was Germany's stategy to invade France by invading through Germany.

What country declared war on russia and France days before invading belgium?


What was Germany strategy to surprise France by invading through belgium?

Blitzkreig. Schhlieffen plan.

What did France do about Germany invading?

When Germany first tried to invade France they sent troops to the German-France border and the France- Belgium border to fight the incoming of the SS

Germany's strategy to surprise France by invading through Belgium was called the what?

Blitzkreig. Schhlieffen plan.

What was Germany's strategy to surprise France by invading through Belgium called?

Blitzkreig. Schhlieffen plan.

How did Germany violate the laws of neutrality?

Invading Belgium on their way to attack France in WWI and WWII.

Did Germany invade France before or after invading Belgium?

In 1940, Germany launched its attack on Western Europe. It was a massive invasion that swept over the lowlands including Belgium. Not long after the fall of Belgium, France was then successfully invaded and surrendered.

What is Luxembourg's neighbors?

Belgium , Germany , France BTW: they speak french there

What was the effect of the Germans invading neutral Belgium?

Germany was delayed in getting to France and, because of a defense treaty, Britain entered the war.

What were the advantages of Germany invading Denmark Holland Belgium and Norway before attacking France in 1940?

It was a precaution. Germany needed to know that they weren't falling into a trap, so they took all of the land. I think they were planning on invading them anyways.

Which small country borders on Germany France and belgium?

Luxembourg is a small country that shares borders with Germany, France, and Belgium.