Example of atoll

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a group of small coral islands in the shape of a ring that encloses a lagoon

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Q: Example of atoll
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What is an example of atoll?

bikini atoll

Give you an example of an atoll?

An atoll is formed first as a reef that fringes a volcanic island. As the island sinks (after the volcanic activity has ceased and the crust has cooled, becoming denser), the reef continues to build upward, eventually ending up as a ring-shaped structure.

What is the opposite of atoll?

the oppsite of atoll is planet

What are some examples of atoll island?

bikini atoll

What word do the letters atoll make?

Allot and atoll.

What part of speech is the word atoll?

Atoll is a noun.

What is a lagoons boundary?

A lagoon boundary is an atoll.

What is a ring of coral that encloses a pool of seawater?

A atoll

What is a sentence with the word atoll?

Let's not strand ourselves on this atoll.

What is the population of Ailinglaplap Atoll?

Ailinglaplap Atoll's population is 1,959.

What is Aur Atoll's population?

Aur Atoll's population is 438.

What is the population of Ujelang Atoll?

The population of Ujelang Atoll is 0.