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They wanted to make Germany weaker militarily.

they blamed Germany for the war and made them pay lots of reperations

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Q: Explain how the french and British treated Germany after world war?
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Did the British French and Russians formed an allaince called Central Powers?

No, the British, French, and Russians did not form an alliance called the Central Powers. The Central Powers refers to the alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire during World War I. The British, French, and Russians were part of the opposing alliance known as the Allies.

What are facts about the first battle of Marne?

-September 1916 -french and british against Germany -250000french killed, 12,733 british killed, and an unknown amount of Germans (estimated around the same number as french). it ended in a stalemate.

Was the zimmerman telegram real?

yes. It was a main reason the United States dropped diplomatic relations with Germany and entered the war on the side of the French and British.

What did the British and the rest of Europe do when Hitler started to take German land in central Europe?

The British and French made a pact, an alliance with Poland, that if Germany would invade, Britain and France would officially declare war on Germany.The British (at least, maybe the French too) were mainly using this as an excuse to attack Germany, they feared that they might become too powerful if they started enlarging their empire. As Poland was just an excuse for war, the British showed how little they cared about Poland in 1945.

Why did France and Englan declare war on Germany when Germany's armies invaded Blegium?

You've asked this as a WWII question. In WWII France and Britain declared war on Germany when Germany invaded Poland. This was the latest aggressive move by the militaristic Germans, and the British and French were determined to try to stop Hitler before he took over all of Europe. In WW ONE the British declared war on Germany when Germany invaded Belgium. The British were among four European Great Powers who had signed a Treaty in 1839 each pledging to perpetually respect and defend the neutrality of Belgium. Prussia had also signed this Treaty and Germany was a successor state to Prussia, the Prussian King was now the German Emperor, and Germany was still bound by its obligations under this Treaty. In WW ONE the French went to war with Germany because the Germans attacked them. There was immediate fighting along the French-German border as Germans moved in. But this was merely a diversion. The main German attack was coming through Belgium, into the north of France. This was the reason the Germans invaded Belgium in the first place, to go through and get at northern France. This would allow the Germans to avoid the heavy forts and defenses the French had along their border with Germany.

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Explain how the French and British treated Germans after world war i?

they wanted to make Germany weaker militarily

Explain how French and British treated Germany after world war 1?

They wanted to make Germany weaker militarily. they blamed germany for the war and made them pay lots of reperations

Explain how did the French and Britain treated Germany after world war 1?

They treated Germany rather too punitively, which created much resentment in Germany. A resentment that Hitler used to bring about WW2.

Why did the creation of Germany cause problems for the french and Germany?

explain the problem that the french were having with Germany

Explain how the French and British treated the Germany after world war 1?

They wanted to make Germany weaker militarily. they blamed germany for the war and made them pay lots of reperations

Did the french soldiers help the british fight?

No Because The British Treated The French Poorly.

Which statement is a valid comparison of the way the British and French treated Native Americans?

the british sought to displace the native americans while the french treated them more as trading partners.

How did British and French treat Native Americans?

The French treated them right, but the British were jerks to them. At one point, the British fought the French, and the Native Americans fought alongside the French to support them.

Did the British help Germany during Dunkirk?

No, Britain were fighting against Germany. The battle of Dunkirk was actually a British and French retreat.

How did british and french treat American Indians?

The British sought to displace the Indians , while French treated them more like trading partners

How did the French system of colonial rule differ from that of great Britain?

France exercised more direct control over its African colonies.

Which 3 countries supported America against british?

french, Spain, and Germany