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The landing (Operation Iceberg, though the island is in the subtropics), began on April 1, 1945. The US landed over 180,000 troops against a Japanese army of some 120,000. The island's rugged terrain and ancient castles (notably Shuri Castle) allowed the Japanese to create fortresses. The Japanese also attacked with massive air strikes led by suicide pilots (kamikazes). The battle lasted from April 1 until around June 20, and the US ground commander, General Simon Buckner, was himself killed three days before the final Japanese forces surrendered.

In all the US suffered 14,000 dead; over 200 ships were hit. The Japanese lost 95,000 dead; the civilian population of Okinawa suffered greatly, as over 50,000 were killed, some by indiscrimiate fire, most others either in crossfire, use as human shields by the Japanese army, or executed by the Japanese army.

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Q: Facts about the battle of okinawa?
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US won the "Battle of Okinawa". which lasted from April-June in 1945

When did the battle of okinawa take place?

The Battle of Okinawa took place in April of 1945. The battle itself lasted for a total of 81 days.

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The final major battle of World War II took place in Okinawa.

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The final major battle of World War II took place in Okinawa.

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The battle for Okinawa .

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Battle of Okinawa

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The last battle of WWII was the Battle for Okinawa. "IF" the two A-bombs had not been dropped on Japan, invasions into Japan would've been launched from the captured island of Okinawa.