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It actually started in the Soviet Union

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Q: Fighting during the cold war actually started in which country?
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When did the U.S. actually start fighting during World War 1?

The U.S. started to fight in 1918 the date and month i don't know but it was defiantly 1918.

During the gulf war what country was the us fighting?

the Russians

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Which country escaped physical destruction during World War 2?

Of the countries actually fighting in the war, Australia, Canada and the mainland United States escaped any physical destruction.

Which country suffered the majority of the fighting during World War 2?

The Russians .

What other country was Spain fighting against during The Mexican War for Independence?

As an independent country, just Mexico.

What rights were the Americans fighting for during the revalutionary war?

America wanted to be a free independent country.

In which European country did much of the fighting during World War 1 take place?

Germany... I think??

Want country did the colonists fight during the Revolutionary War?

The colonists were fighting for their independance from Great Britain.

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