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Young Plan

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Q: Financial legislation to aid Europe
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Legislation to help Europe with its financial troubles?

Young plan

After world war2 Europe receieved large amounts of financial aid because of the?

Marshall Plan

What organization granted Europe large amounts of financial aid after World War 2?

Marshall Plan

After the world war 2 Europe recived large amounts of financial aid because of the?


What provided financial aid to war torn Western Europe after World War 2?

Marshall Plan

Why did Europe receive large amounts of financial aid after World War 2?

Marshall Plan Marshall Plan

Is financial aid available for culinary schools?

Yes, financial aid is available to culinary schools. Check with your school's financial aid office for details on what aid is available.

How does marriage affect financial aid?

marriage wont affect financial aid

Can i get financial aid if I'm married?

Marriage does not stop you from receiving financial aid.

Can you check your financial aid status?

Yes, the financial aid can be viewed by each student. Sign into either the school website or the financial aid website. With the proper information the financial aid status can be viewed from one of these sites.

Does Lamar University offer financial aid?

Yes, Lamar University offers financial aid. You can visit their financial aid office anytime and talk to a financial aid counselor who would guide you through your educational payment.

Can financial aid be taken away from you?

Yes financial aid can be taken away from you. Federal law mandates financial aid recipients maintain a certain standard of academic performance in order to qualify for and retain financial aid eligibility. Failure to meet these requirements can result in the loss of a student's financial aid.