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Q: French immigrants to the New World tended to inhabit?
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What statement was not a characteristic of french exploration in the new world?

The French tended to build permanent settlements.

Does France only have French people?

No. France, like the rest of the western world, is getting immigrants from the Middle-East and Asia. They also have immigrants from the Americas, Oceania, Europe and Africa.

How did the ideas of the middle ages differ from those in the Renaissance?

The Medieval world tended to be Theocentric. The Renaissance world tended to be Anthropocentric.

Is it true that the USA is built by immigrants?

If you want to be technical about it, yes. The first humans to permanently live in the USA were the Native Aboriginals, who were descendants of Siberians nomads. Beyond that, the USA was later colonized by Britain (as well as France and Spain to a lesser extent), meaning that immigrants from those countries (and imported slaves from Africa) began to permanently inhabit the USA. Today, the USA welcomes thousands of immigrants from around the world. Thus, the USA was "built" by immigrants from all over the place.

Do immigrants come from Eastern Europe?

Immigrants come from any part of the world!

Is there a desert beetle?

There are many species of beetle that inhabit deserts around the world.

Is a quail a rainforest animal?

There are several species of quail in S America that inhabit rain forest, but most species inhabit grasslands of various types across the world.

Where do immigrants today come from?

Today immigrants are coming from all over the world.

Were did most immigrants come from in the 1950s?

Most immigrants came from Asia and the European areas of the world.

Did the immigrants have anything to do with the World War I?

in those times immigrants were relative with world war 1...because they had to leave like an immigrant those....

Where in the world does the lion live?

Lions inhabit African Savannah and also the jungles of India.

In which area of the globe does the rabbit inhabit?

The rabbit inhabits everywhere in the world except for antarctica.