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Q: From the end of the Civil War to the turn of the century A. farm production declined. B. average wages and earnings declined. C. the value of manufactures increased sixfold. D. All the above t?
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How much does a U S Air Force Lt Col earn in retirement?

The retirement earnings of a U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel is based on years of service. With twenty years of service a colonel can earn $4000 a month in retirement. With 26 years of service, the colonel will make $5600 each month.

What country had a Civil War?

Virtually all of the increases in earnings in 2012 came in base salary. On average, bonuses were flat while other sources of income (such as stock options) were lower than they were in 2011. "New hires are paid more than when I started at a time when qualified engineers were more available. Yet there is no increase for me, with 11 years on the job," complained one engineer. "The pay gap between experienced engineers and new hires is small and unfair. The policy here is to pay more for good candidates, rather than spending money to keep experienced engineers happy."

How did the union finance the war?

The United States Civil War required a lot of funds for supplies as well as other basic requirements of all the people who were enlisting in the war. In order to fund the war, the United States Congress, for the first time in its almost-a-century old history, passed income tax laws. These laws required businesses to give a certain percentage of their earnings to the Federal Government, which would contribute towards providing the necessary funding for the American Civil War.As for the Confederate States of America, the Confederate legislature promulgated taxes on various products, the accumulation of which would help in providing the money, which was required to fund the Confederate army. Both of the sides (the Union and the Confederates) also had formulated a plan of selling bonds on behalf of their respective governments to the American public as another way of raising money for the war.

How did women contribute to World War 2?

Women were the backbone of the war. They shuttled planes by flying them from the manufacturer to the bases. They shuttled military officials, soldiers, airmen and Naval servicemen. Many worked as nurses on the war front. Some female physicians took up the slack of the male physicians who went to the war front. Women built the war equipment and planes and ships. Women took over the jobs the men left behind and ran businesses too. Teen girls pitched in too. They took care of children, the home and collected things for the recycle program while their mothers were working. Women did the fund raising for the war. They entertained the servicemen on leave. They sent millions of letters all over the world. They sent cookies, cakes (not iced) and other goodies the men on the front loved. They rolled bandages and made kits. There were entertainer women who went around the world to entertain the troops. If it had not been for the women and men who had to stay behind the US would not have been as well supplied or victorious.

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What was the average hourly wage for a printing machinery industry production worker in 2000?

Production workers' average hourly earnings increased from about $14 in 1990 to $18 in 2000.

What figures did Imperial Sugar post after filing for bankruptcy protection in 2001?

Sales in 2003 declined 14 percent to $1.1 billion, although earnings increased 367 percent to $77 million.

Is a company earnings are the same as its revenue?

A company's earnings are equal to revenue less costs of production over a given period of time.

Can you debit asset and credit Retained earnings?

Assets are increased with a debit and decreased by a credit. Retained earnings is a credit, as they are an owners equity account and increase with credit.Retained earnings is what a company has after all expenses and dividends (if applicable) are paid. Retained earnings is shown on the Statement of Retained Earnings and is a credit which increases OE.

What is a retain?

Retained Earnings represent the amount that an entity has increased in value due to Net Income.

What is a retained earning?

Retained Earnings represent the amount that an entity has increased in value due to Net Income.

What is meant by quality of earnings?

In recent years, I've read earnings announcements from companies and I've come to doubt the transparency of even the veracity of what I've been reading. After digging into the financial statements, I've found what I consider some dubious earnings reporting. Financial analysts are increasingly concerned about earnings reporting and have reached certain conclusions.* The measure of quality is the degree to which earnings are generated from internally developed initiatives, as opposed to external forces.* If a company has increased earnings year over year from improved cost efficiencies or sales generated from a marketing campaign, that company has a high quality of earnings.* If a company's earnings are attributed to outside sources such increasing commodity prices, this is seen as low quality of earnings.* It has also come to mean the degree to which management's choices of accounting estimates can affect reported income.* Some analysts question whether some firms engage in "earnings management."

If a company earned 820 million last year and paid out 20 percent of earnings in dividends by how much did the companys retained earnings increase?

Company's retained earnings increased by 80% of last year profit that is (820 million * 80%) 656 million.

What is the typical price to earnings ratio for the grocery industry?

Typical grocery stores- 30-50% Mass merchandisers- 15-25% Grocery manufactures- 50-70%

How did Swiss Re do while John R. Coomber was managing director at Swiss Re's UK operations?

revenues and earnings increased more than 30 percent per year, and the overall percentage of the company's earnings from life and health insurance increased to 42 percent from 18 percent.

Are retained earning increased by net income?

Yes retained earnings are part of net income so in nex fiscal year when more net income arrives it increases the retained earnings as well.

If I add capital to business will you pay more tax?

Additional Capital Contributions to a business does not increase taxes. Increased earnings does.