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four-minute men

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Q: Gave patriotic speeches urging support of war effort?
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Why was the north in a hurry tp fight a decisive battle?

Because the politicians and the press - not the military - were urging it.

Did the Confederate leaders encourage their soldiers to surrender peacefully or resist?

Some of Lee's officers were urging the troops to take to the hills and continue the fight with guerrilla tactics. Lee told them to surrender peacefully, hand in their weapons and go home.

What was the name for pro slavery southerners?

A radical group of pro-slavery southerners were known as â??Fire-Eatersâ??. They were the politicians urging the southern states to become a separate nation. These individuals did much to weaken the fragility of the Union and made it their goal to create a separate Confederate nation.

How did General Grant's terms of surrender promote reconciliation between the north and the south?

The terms were remarkably generous. He just told Lee's army to hand in their weapons, sign the parole, and go home - and if they did that, they would not be persecuted, and Lee would not be arrested. It silenced those Confederate officers who were urging the men to take to the hills and conduct guerrila operations.

What was Lincolns goal for the Civil War?

Originally the goal was to preserve the Union. But when it became clear that ending slavery (which Lincoln had long wished for) would help the North to win the war, and would do away with the underlying cause of the secession & war, Lincoln took what steps he legally could to do so. (These included the Emancipation Proclamation -- a war act as Commander-in-chief, depriving the South of the slaves, who helped the Confederacy by supplying labor -- and urging Congress to pass a Constitutional amendment to bring slavery to a permanent end in the nation as a whole.)

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Who gave patriotic speeches during World War 1 urging support of the war effort?

Theodore Roosevelt

Who gave patriotic speeches urging support of war efforts?

Winston Churchill

Write a speech from the perspective of a merchant urging colonists to support your idea of free trade with countries other than Britain?

RGUMENT Write a speech from the perspective of a merchant, urging colonists to support your idea of free trade with countries other than Britain.

Which is correct keep urging you or keeps urging you?

It depends. She keeps urging you to stay. They keep urging you to stay. Basically, if the noun doing the urging is plural, no "s", if the noun doing the urging is singular then it is keeps.

A speech from the perspective of a merchant urging colonists to support idea of free trade with countries other than Britain?


How do you spell urging?

That is the correct spelling of "urging" (persuading).

What is Benjamin frankin famous speeches?

Benjamin Franklin was known for delivering a number of famous speeches, including his "Speech to the Constitutional Convention" urging the delegates to sign the U.S. Constitution, and his "Speech Before the Pennsylvania Assembly" advocating for colonial unity during the French and Indian War. Franklin was also known for his persuasive and powerful speeches during his time as a diplomat in France, where he advocated for American independence.

What politician from Massachusetts helped form the Sons of Liberty and gave speeches urging colonists to declare independence from Britain?

Samuel Adams was a politician from Massachusetts that had a big role in helping to form the Sons of Liberty. He was responsible for giving speeches that encouraged the colonists to declare their independence from Britain and is often referred to as the instigator of the Revolutionary War.

Does AFSCME support or oppose same-sex marriage?

The labor union supports same-sex marriage and is urging Minnesota legislators to legalize it.

Why were there uprisings in Spain Portugal and Italy?

Because social reformers and agitators were urging workers to support socialism or other ways of reorganizing property ownership.

How do you use the word urging in a sentence?

The mother was urging the boy to do his homework now, and not procrastinate.

Who wrote the philippics?

Demosthenes of Athens wrote three speeches called the Philippics against Philip II of Macedon urging all Greek city-states to oppose the rising threat of Macedon in the early second half of the 4th Century BC.