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Q: General Banks was defeated at Pleasant Hill Louisiana on April 6 1864 and was never able to reach Sherman?
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General Banks was defeated at Pleasant Hill Louisiana on April 6 1864 and was never able to reach Sherman.?


This Civil War general served as the first superintendent of Louisiana State University?

willam t sherman

How did Union General William T Sherman gain knowledge about the southern people?

In 1859 Sherman became the superintendent of a new military college in Louisiana. Later this would be LSU , Louisiana State University. At his post there, Sherman gained knowledge of the attitudes of the Southerners he met. He learned about their views on secession, but was against such an idea.

Did William Tecumseh Sherman had any job?

William Tecumseh Sherman was a military officer from 1840-1853 and from 1861-1883. After the military retirement of General Grant, Sherman was commanding general of all US Army forces. From 1853-1861, according to University of Notre Dame archivists, Sherman was "a banker in California, a lawyer in Ohio, a superintendent of a military academy in Louisiana (forerunner of Louisiana State University), and president of a street railway in St. Louis." The following link is to the Sherman family papers at the University of Notre Dame Archives.

What was the name of the general that defeated the south?

Robert e Lee was the Souths General who surrenders to a General Sherman and a General Grant who led a "march to the sea" burning down everything in his path. He also set aside 400000 acres of land to give to former slaves. After this the south surrenders and the north wins the Civil War. General Sherman is more remembered for this incident.

Us union general who defeated the confederate general?

Grant defeated Lee, as planned. Sherman failed to defeat Joe Johnston's Army of Tennessee (later John Hood's), but this army was totally routed later by George Thomas at Nashville. Sherman then went on to cross Georgia and the Carolinas, which definitely shortened the war, finally defeating Joe Johnston in command of another Confederate army.

When did General Sherman incident happen?

General Sherman incident happened in 1866.

Who burned atlanta during the civil war?

William Tecumseh Sherman. And to this day, no Southerner will ever name his child Sherman.

Who won the US Civil War Battle of Chickasaw Bayou?

Between December 26, to December 29th, the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou took place. It was in Mississippi and was a Confederate victory. Confederate General Pemberton defeated General William T. Sherman. Sherman's flank attack on Pemberton's forces fails.

Who is the Union general who waged total war on the south?

William T Sherman

What was General Sherman famous for?

General Sherman is well known for Sherman's march. Which is where he and his soldiers marched from Savannah to the coast and burned everything on their way there.

When did Herman Sherman die?

Herman Sherman died on September 10, 1984, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.