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if someone hates you why would you want to talk to them? it's dumb. they dont like you. if your someone who wants everyone to like you, knock it off. in your life someones gonna hate you eventually!

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Q: Getting someone to talk to you if they hate you?
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What is the difference between talk to someone and talk with someone?

When you talk to someone it is you doing the talking, but when you're talking with someone you're talking and getting feedback from that person.

How would you talk to someone you hate?

Dont look straight on his face/eyes . KEEP YOU FACE TURNED TOWARD SOMETHING ELSE , while talking to someone you hate.

Why i hate women?

You shouldn't hate women, if you feel like that you may have a psychological problem, perhaps you should talk to someone about this, preferably a doctor.

How do you know that someone hate you?

Hate is a very strong, negative word. The best thing is to talk to the person you think hates you. Maybe it's just a misunderstanding. You will not know unless you talk and communicate with that person.

Why you hate love?

U hate love because it sometimes causes yourself to be hurt by someone you love or are close too. or you hate it because you dont even wanna take the chance of getting hurt by someone dear to you.

How do you make someone you hardly know like you?

When you get a chance to talk to him/hertake it stay calm talk about things you like. and if you run out of things to say just talk about things you hate.

Is it wrong to hate someone just because im bored?

Emotions are neither good nor bad. However, the fact that you could hate someone for no other reason than boredom is alarming. Please talk to a professional about that.

How do you hate on someone?

It is wrong to hate, and I'm glad you realize that. You can dislike them and dislike the things they do. Hating leads no where but it will backfire on you and so will revenge.You first need to tell the person sorry, if they knew or not.Just talk about how you're feeling, it doesn't have to be that person thou.And no matter how angry you can get, don't hate.

How do you hate someone that you like?

you sould totally hate the guy or girl if you lke them and you are thinking about telling the person and you find out there dating someone. that sucks trust me. I liked this kid and his friend told me that he has a girlfriend talk about heart breaking. so there are resonds to hate the person you really like. sorry

How do you stop hating your life?

I know how it feels to hate your life. What I do is I look on the brightside and go to my friends when I need someone to talk to.

I have a Tickling sensation at base of rib cage?

I do too. Seriously. Why isn't someone answering this question? I WILL talk to a physician about this. I hate it!

What does it mean to dislike someone?

Hate, dipise, abhor, detest, loathe...are you getting the picture? its the opposite of liking.