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If you think about all the cultures that have been attacked or been at war for as long as civilization as we know it has existed, it would be hard to imagine one not being involved in one.

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Q: Has every country in the world gone to war?
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Was every country in World War 2.?


Did every country fight in the World War 2?

Not every country fought in World War II. The main countries that fought in World War II were the US, UK, France, and China, versus Germany, Italy and Japan.

Is war a global issue?

Yes war is a global issue. Remember the World Wars? Every country is affected by war at one point. Even if only two country's are at war. Every country will fight one.

Why did every man over the age of 16 have to go and fight in World War 2?

every man had to war to serve there country

Why was World War 2 a just war?

If it wasn't a war, what was it. Every country bascially ended up fighting.

What country had war?

Every country has had war.

What were the world changing events of World War 1?

NOTHING. That war was pointless. It cause World War II. It was pretty much every country proving their strength...

How was World War 2 not a just war?

world war 2 wasn't just a regular war because almost every country ended up fighting in it

Was there cars during world war 2?

Yes, almost every country in the world had cars by WW2.

What countries were not affected by world war 1?

Ethiopia and four small Spanish colonies in Africa were not involved in World War 1. World War 1 affected every country in some way or another, even if the country was not involved in the war.

What does the word war mean?

A war that involves many of the major countries of the world in direct battle and impacts almost every country in the world.

Which activity made most of the money after World War I?

the country that made the the most money after the world war 1 was USA(America) this was because every country bought weapons and food.e.c.t