He led the French at Verdun?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Philippe Petain .

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Q: He led the French at Verdun?
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German attack on France to bleed the French dry?

The Battle Of Verdun

Who is the french general who defended Verdun in 1916?

The French General who defended Verdun in 1916 was General Nivelle. Nivelle planned and executed an attack against the Germans.

This French fortress became the symbol for French resistance to Germany aggression a. Bastille b. Tuileries c. Versailles d. Verdun?

d. Verdun WW1

Where is the French city of Verdun?

Verdun is located in the region of Lorraine, close to the southern tip of Belgium and the border with Luxembourg.

Motto of the french troops in the battle of verdun?

They shall not pass

Why did the battle of the somme happen?

For a number of months the French had been taking severe losses at Verdun - to the east of Paris. To relieve the French, the Allied High Command decided to attack the Germans to the north of Verdun therefore requiring the Germans to move some of their men away from the Verdun battlefield thus relieving the French. Basically, the French wanted the Germans to get off their land.

How many soldiers died on the french side in the verdun battle?


When the war reached a stalemate the Germans tried to overrun the french at?


Did German's win a major victory when they captured Verdun?

In WWI, the Germans did not capture Verdun. However, the battle for Verdun in 1916 lasted about 300 days. The French were able to defend Verdun, but casualties on both sides were high. Over 700,000 men died during this battle.

Were the Battles of the Somme Marne and Verdun fought on Austrian soil?

No, they were faught on French soil.

Which major cities did the French lose in 1792?

Longwy & Verdun Not sure but I think that is right

What was Britain's reason for attacking at the Battle of Somme?

to take the pressure off of the french army at verdun