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a swastika

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Q: Hitler gave the Nazi movement which symbol?
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Define the legislation that gave Hitler supreme power?

The legislation that gave Hitler supreme power was the Enabling Act. It was passed by the Reichstag in March 1933. It gave Hitler near dictatorial powers Hope this Helps!

What did Joseph goebel do?

Goebbels was Hitler's Minister of Propaganda and one of the most important and influential people in Nazi Germany Goebbels was given the task of building up Nazi support in Berlin. He did this between 1926 and 1930. In 1928, he was elected to the Reichstag - something that he repeated in 1930. In 1929, he had been given overall charge of the party's propaganda machine. It was here that Goebbels excelled. In 1933, after Hitler was appointed chancellor, Goebbels was appointed Minister of Enlightenment and Propaganda. He held this post until 1945. However, except for issues involving his marriage, he had Hitler's support. Goebbels was a notorious womaniser and his wife wanted to divorce him after one liaison too many. Hitler refused to give his permission for a divorce as he had spent much time cultivating the importance of family values to the German public. During the Second World War, it was easy for Goebbels to persuade the public that things were going well when the war was going Germany's way. However, this became a lot more difficult after the Battle of Stalingrad. This was portrayed on film as a failing of generals on the eastern front not showing enough commitment to the Nazi cause. Goebbels demanded "total war" from the Germans and in 1944, he was appointed Reich Commissioner for Total Mobilisation. As Berlin was besieged by the Russians in April/May 1945, Goebbels stayed with Hitler in Hitler's bunker. In his diary, he blamed the defeat of Germany on the German people and not Hitler. On May 1st, he gave poison to his six children and then shot his wife and then himself. He gave orders that his body should be burned. Before, his death, it is said that Hitler gave to Goebbels his own wrist watch as a mark that he had been the only senior Nazi leader to have stayed with Hitler to the end.

What Political parties did Hitler ban?

At the end of March 1933, Hitler's coalition government was able to pass an amendment to the constitution which is commonly called the "Enabling Act". The Enabling Act took most of the government's power and basically gave it directly to Hitler himself. So Hitler could make up laws as he wanted, and had full control of all military and police forces, in addition to the Nazi Party's own paramilitary forces. In less than three months, he had successfully outlawed other political parties or had used the threat of arrest or violence to intimidate allied political parties into disbanding and joining his Nazi Party.

What car did Hitler have?

Volkswagen but then himmler gave him his one- Steiner 3000

How did Hitler become the leader of Nazi party?

The great depression was a big contributing factor in Hitler's rise to power. Many lives were ruined in the great depression, money was scarce for the majority of the population; this increased votes for Hitler dramatically, as people became desperate to end the great depression. Hitler was associated himself with rich, powerful people, from whom he could not only pump millions into his campaign, but from whom he could gain a higher status. Hitler, at first, was ignored by the majority of Germany, who saw him as a vicious, aggressive man who wanted to entice the German public into joining his campaign; but by at this point, Hitler was a great number of acquiring supporters, who believed he could end the great depression for Germany. This resentment from the German public seemed to drive Hitler forward, almost making him even more determined to overcome his opposition and gain the vote of the German public. Hitler became famous for his determined, influential that promised to unveil a better Germany, which also helped Hitler in his rise to power, as it helped him gain more supporters. Probably the biggest contributing factor occurred when the then president of Germany, President Hindenburg - believing that he had the power to control Hitler and hoping that Hitler would help him to end the great depression ­- gave Hitler the post of chancellor. This provided Hitler with the power he needed to become the historical dictator of Germany.

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Who were the Nazis and there leader?

The Nazi's worked for Adolf Hitler, who gave them an order to kill all Jew's.

How each event developed the Nazi party and their control in German?

Hitler changed everybodys opinion when he began the nsdap it gave him a chance to persuade his people therefore creating one giant racist movement

What was the situation in Germany that allowed a nazi take over?

The economy was failing, and Hitler gave them someone to blame it on...the Jews. Hitler was also very influential and persuasive. The economy was failing, and Hitler gave them someone to blame it on...the Jews. Hitler was also very influential and persuasive.

Why did many Germans pledged their support to Hitler and the nazi party?

Most Germans supported Hitler and the Nazis because, Hitler told them what they wanted and he gave them what they wanted. For some who wasn;t sure they were effected by propaganda then they supported Hitler.

Why did many Germans pledged to support Hitler and the nazi party?

Most Germans supported Hitler and the Nazis because, Hitler told them what they wanted and he gave them what they wanted. For some who wasn;t sure they were effected by Propaganda then they supported Hitler.

What might it have been difficult to find democratic government leaders in post Nazi Germany?

Because so many people gave an oath to hitler.

Why did Hiltler make young people join the Hitler young movement?

He gave a great speech about them being the future of Germany.

What was the symbol that Hitler gave the Jews?

A yellow star. ======== Hitler did not give the Jews any symbol, he used (or rather the propaganda ministry used) various stereotypes to symbolise Jews and Judaism. The yellow star was something that had been used for hundreds of years.

What was Adolf Hitler's third right?

You're thinking of "Third Reich", which was the self-appointed slogan the Nazi party gave itself, upon taking power. Reich is the German word for "empire".

What does the term nazi respent?

Nazi is the abbreviation that the National Socialists party gave to themselves.

What did Hitler do to expand the popularity of the Nazi party?

He gave speeches in many places, promoting the Nazi ideals and defaming the Jewish people. smashed the unions for the rich,made jobs for the unemployed making weapons of war,enlarging the military thousands fold [ taking them off the streets ]

Why did he become Adolph Hitler?

his mom gave birth to him and named him hitler.