How old do you think my world war 1 helmet is?

Updated: 4/28/2022

How old do you think my world war 1 helmet is.

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Isaiah Followay

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Its over 50 years old.

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Isaiah Followay

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Q: How old do you think my world war 1 helmet is?
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What was the British helmet during the First World War called?

The British helmet used by soldiers during the First World War, also referred to as World War I or The Great War, was a steel helmet which was called the Brodie Helmet. Soldiers wore these to protect their heads as contact between their heads and another object like bullets or melee weapons could prove to be dangerous and life-threatening.

When Germany change their helmet during world war 1?

Their Model 1916 was their first all steel helmet which replaced their leather spiked helmet.

Another name for a helmet from World War 2?

Steel pot.

Symbolism of the World War 1 anzac helmets?

They wore both the British (Boer War era) khaki pith helmet and the British Brodie steel helmet.

How old where the soldiers in World War 1?

18-22 i think

Are Korean War M 1 helmet shells identical to World War 2 shells?


What did you have to take with you if there was an air raid in World War 2?

Both helmet and gas-mask .

Did USMC officers paint during World War 2 their rank insignia on their helmet?


How do you remove the liner from a World War 2 German M1940 helmet?

there are THREE fastners that hold the liner in place. they are located about mid-way up on the sides of the helmet. they are REMOVED from the INSIDE of the helmet

What did ARP Wardens wear in World War 2?

ARP actually and they wore clothes and a helmet with a w on it

How old was the oldest person who fought in world war?

nobody knows unless there is a person alive today that was in da world war 1 ting

How old was to old to join the army in World War 2?

65 I think. After that you could join the Home Guard.