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destroyers are used in war to help the general to Beat the enemy

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Q: How are destroyers used in war?
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What ships were used by US in world war 2?

Carriers, Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, and Subs

How are destroyers powered?

* destroyers are powered by solar power and they have to be used by the solar powered

Why were destroyers used in World War 1?

They were intended to protect the battleships and cruisers from attack by enemy torpedo boats. After the war torpedo boats became less of a threat, but destroyers were retained to protect the larger warships against two new threats; enemy aircraft and submarines.

How did World War 1 destroyers aim their guns?

down the sights idiot

Who started the japan-russo war?

IJN destroyers opened the war with a torpedo attack inside Port Arthur.

What are destroyers named after?

destroyers are named after naval heros

What are HFCs?

HFC's are Hydro fluorocarbons that are used as refrigerants. They are considered to be ozone destroyers.

What president took the blame for the Vietnam war?

Lydon Baines Johnson. He expanded the war by claiming the North Vietnamese attacked US destroyers at the Gulf of Tonkin. He later admitted, (much later), the USA destroyers were "probably shooting at whales". LBJ is the President who gets the blame for the failed Vietnam War.

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Club Destroyers was created in 1948.

When was Oklahoma Destroyers created?

Oklahoma Destroyers was created in 2005.

When was Virginia Destroyers created?

Virginia Destroyers was created in 2009.

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