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It would have been of varying strength, at its peak it would have numbered 1 million men, apparently they took 450,000 to Stalingrad and were almost destroyed leaving the number at about 10,000.

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Q: How big was the German sixth army?
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Who did over 250000 troops die during the Battle of Stalingrad?

The 250,000 troops died during the battle of Stalingrad were most likely to be referred to the German Sixth Army. During the battle of stalingrad, the German Sixth army went into the city of stalingrad but they were encircled by the Soviet army and trapped. Due to limiations of logistical support and rations, most of the german sixth army died to from starvation or from frost bite.

What was the outcome of the Stalingrad?

the German sixth army surrenderd to the Russians

What was the main reason why Germany was defeated in the Battle of Stalingrad?

The inability to reinforce the German Sixth Army .

Signifinace of of the Battle of Stalingrad?

German Sixth Army of 300,000 men was killed or captured, permanently weakening the German Army Group South. After Stalingrad Germany was on the defensive for the remainder of the war.

Did heinrich amsel really exist?

No. He was based on Friedrich Paulus, leader of the German Sixth Army. He was captured, not assassinated, after surrendering to the Russian Army.

How big was the German army during World War 1?


When did Sixth Army - Japan - end?

Sixth Army - Japan - ended in 1945.

When was Sixth Army - Japan - created?

Sixth Army - Japan - was created in 1939.

How did Hitler get in the army?

Hitler got in the army because he loved the German army from a young age and apllied to join with his big head

When was Sixth US Army created?

Sixth United States Army was created in 1943.

When did Fifty-Sixth Army - Japan - end?

Fifty-Sixth Army - Japan - ended in 1945.

When was Fifty-Sixth Army - Japan - created?

Fifty-Sixth Army - Japan - was created in 1945.