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It can be referred to as the "Poor Man's War" because mostly the poor or working class men were drafted in. The college attending men who would normally be drafted in were exempt, as well as men who were sons of politicians and such. There were many ways to get around the draft but the people who could not get around it ended up being the poor and working class men of the country.

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Mostly because the lower class men were drafted to war.

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Q: How can Vietnam be described as the poor man's war?
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Why did poor southerns complain about a rich mans war but a poor mans fight?

It meant poor white trash fighting for the continued wealth of slave-owners

Why did many soldiers call the civil war a rich mans war but a poor mans fight?

Rich men could pay a man to take their place in the draft. Therefore poor men fought in a rich man's place.

What does the phrase rich mans war and poor mans fight mean?

An act for "enrolling and calling out the National Forces"

When was poor mans cotton made?

it was made in 1944 during the second civil war.

Is Vietnam a poor country?

Vietnam used to be a poor country in the war times but from that day on they created more things like rivers to form a better enviroment.

Why did people in the south refer the civil war as rich mans war and poor mans fight?

People in the South referred to the Civil War as "The rich mans' war and the poor mans' fight" because the North [the rich men] due to the industrial revolution had more money and you tactics and weapons one might use in a major war. While the South [the poor men] were still economically based through agriculture and did not have the extra money the North had because they stayed that way and did not industrialised the South had to use more common weapons and different tactics to match up with the weapons they had to use.

Why did the military's draft lead some people to describe the war as a poor mans fight?

because rich people pay poor people to fight in the war because they don't want to fight in the war

Climate during the war in Vietnam?

If I could pick one word to described it, it would be "unrest."

Why many US citizens disagreed with fighting in the Vietnam War?

it was an unjust war,half the people didnt know were vietnam was.we were drafting the poor and minority.the rich paid to get deferments.

Are the people that were fighting inthe Vietnam war rich?

a few may be, but most aren't; and a lot of them are dirt poor.

Why Americans stopped supporting the war in Vietnam?

We were losing. We're poor losers. Not too hard to figure out the rest.

Who lived in Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

Q who was the victor of the Vietnam war? A I have no idea who won the Vietnam war!!!!