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The were ON Australian territory since Papua New Guinea was administered by Australia.

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Q: How close to Australian territory did Japanese troops get in World War 2?
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Australian troops played what part in World War 2?

The Australian troops helped the US troops stop Adolf Hitler from ruling the world.

When did Australian troops first leave world war 1?


When did Australian troops fight in World War 1?

From 1914 to 1919.

When did Australian troops go to Egypt in World War 1?

In 1914.

Did Japanese troops reach Canada in World War 2?


Did Australia win in world war 1?

Australian troops were on the winning side

How many Australian troops died in World War 2?

There was 39,800 Australian military deaths and 700 civilian deaths.

Which is the biggest territory of Australia?

The Australian Antarctic Territory Strictly speaking, no country has sovereinty over any part of Antarctica and is on the World Heritage List. Therefore, Australian Antarctic Territory is in name only, not in ownership. That would make Northern Territory the largest official Territory.

Why did Australian troops fight with the US instead of Great Britain in world war 2?

Australian forces fought in all theaters of WWII. The fact that the Pacific was their home turf simply made it more convenient to retain their units in that theater. == In the early stages of the War many Australian units fought in North Africa, but after the fall of Singapore to the Japanese in February 1942, the Australian government brought most of these troops home and cooperated closely with the US.

Japanese attitudes to Australian POWs in World War 2?


What dates was Papua New Guinea involved in World War 2?

Papua New Guinea was pulled into World War II when Japanese troops arrived at Rabaul on the northern tip on 23 January 1942. Involvement continued through the time that the Papua New Guinean natives assisted the Australian and US troops, throughout 1942, until the Japanese were repelled from their northern bases in January 1943.

What role did the fuzzy wuzzy angels play in World War 2?

The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels were a tribe of Papua New Guinean native people nicknamed by the Australians because of their wild, woolly hair. The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels helped Australian soldiers during WWII in the 1942 battles against invading Japanese troops. They lived in the villages along the Kokoda Track and initially knew nothing of the war until Australian troops began moving through their area. They carried wounded out of the jungle, on stretchers and on their backs, and nursed them back to health where possible, at the risk of their own lives. They also carried supplies and equipment for the Australian troops. Stories have also emerged of these natives rescuing US airmen who were shot out of the sky. They evacuated allied troops from compromising situations during alerts of Japanese invasions, or hid them from advancing troops. Not only did they nurse the wounded back to health, but many Allied troops fell victim to the diseases of the tropical jungle, such as malaria - the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels also nursed them through that. The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels were a caring, compassionate people who also suffered at the hands of the Japanese and, sadly, a few Australians, who plundered their villages. However, even after the war, they continued to help the Australian troops with rebuilding, carrying bridges and huts. As recently as June 2008, a motion was moved in the Australian Senate for the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels to be formally and officially recognised for their assistance to the Australian troops during the Kokoda campaign against the Japanese in World War II.