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GEN MacArthur laid down the laws. Japanese industry HAD TO EXPAND in order to support/maintain the occupation forces stationed there.

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Q: How did America go about changing and rebuilding japan what role did general Douglas macarther play in this?
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Wear was general Douglas macarther born?

in japan

What day was Douglas macarther born?

January 26 1880

What did Douglas macarther do in world warII that was important?

He defeated the Japanese in the Pacific Ocean!

Which of these theaters of world war 2 was most closly associated with the military leadership of Douglas macarther?


Did Douglas macArther vowed to return to the philipenes after being forced to abandon his troops on the bataan Penisula?

General Douglas MacArthur.

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If your talking about who led was ordered to subdue the Bonus Army then it would be Gen. George MacArther. It was General MacArthur, but his first name is Douglas.

What country did Douglas mac arthur rule?

None. However, he oversaw the democratic rebuilding of Japan after WW2..............

Who were the main players from the US and japan involved in the rebuilding decisions and process?

US Army General Douglas MacArthur and Emperor Hirohito.

Is Douglas MacArthur related to Charles MacArther?

There is a belief among many MacArthurs that they are all related in some way -- it's a small clan.That being said, there is no current evidence showing a relationship between General Douglas MacArthur, and the playwright Charles Gordon MacArthur. You can get back to Scotland independently with both families.

Who would be in charge of rebuilding and overseeing post-World War 2 Japan?

US Army GEN Douglas MacArthur set the guidelines.

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Stephen A Douglas

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