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Yes they did work. The shelter had just the amount needed to make safe if inside. If a bomb were to hit the shelter it would miss. The likely hood of your shelter getting hit was impossible at that time.

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They protected users from shrapnel and flying objects when a bomb exploded nearby. They could not resist direct hits.

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Q: How did Anderson shelters protect you?
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Why did they have Anderson shelters?

to protect people from air raids.

Could Anderson Shelters protect humans from direct bomb droppage?


Why is an Anderson shelter strong?

Anderson shelters were built to protect people from air raids during World War II. They were built strong to protect those inside.

What was the difference between Morrison and Anderson shelters?

Anderson shelters were outside and Morrison shelters were inside.

Why were sandbags used in Anderson shelters?

To help protect against bomb blasts.

What year were Anderson shelters built?

The Anderson shelters were desifned in 1938 by William Paterson and Oscar Carl.

Where does the name Anderson shelters come from?

John Anderson

Are the Anderson shelters safe or can easily brake?

Anderson shelters were bomb shelters so if they broke easily they wouldn't be much help in protecting people from bombs!!

What is better Anderson or Morrison shelters?

i think the Morrison shelter was built under a table with metal all around

When were Anderson shelters introduced?

Anderson shelters, air raid shelters built for the poor, were introduced in 1938, just prior to the start of World War II. lol!

How were Anderson Shelters made?


Do Anderson shelters have a flag on the roof?

no they do not