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she jumped off the window of the train with her broher and sister and they both died because the people who were helping Hitler shot them nd she servived with her friend..sadly her brother was blind and couldn't jump off

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she married the dude named hitler, i think

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She escaped from a Death Camp train jorney

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Q: How did Eva Galler survive the Holocaust?
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Where was Eva galler born?

Eva Galler was born on January 1, 1924 in Oleszyce, Poland. She had a total of 12 siblings. She is a survivor of the Holocaust.

How old was Eva Galler during the Holocaust?

Eva galler was 17 when world war ll started she was in her last year of highschool

Is the Holocaust survivor Eva Galler still alive?

No she died on January 6 2006

Where did Eva Galler live?

Eva Galler lived in a little city in Poland named Oleszyce

Who is Eva Galler?

A holocaust surviver, she survived the death train. She was one of 8 children.Born: Oleszyce, Poland January 1st 1924. She is married with 3 daughtersEva Galler died on January 5,2006

What was Eva Galler's strength?

her religion

What is Eva Galler's husband named?


Is Eva Galler a Jew?

If you are looking at this you are a Jew

When was Eva Galler's birthday?

January 1st, 1924

What number is on Eva galler's arm?

eva galler does not have a number on her arm;she switched from places to places and neaver got put into a camp. so the german had no numbered record on her.

How old was Eva Galler when she died?

72 years old

What camp did Eva galler was almost went to but she escped?