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Although the specific reason for Fort Sumter of Charleston, South Carolina, being named after the American Revolution General, who also served as a U.S. Senator and Congressman, is probably lost to history, those are certainly enough qualifications to merit having any edifice being given one's name.

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Thomas Sumter was a hero of the American Revolution, and the fort was named for him. Sumter was a leader of partisan militia against the British in South Carolina during the Revolution, like Francis Marion and Pickens. Mel Gibson's character in the movie "The Patriot" is sort of a composite of these three South Carolina heroes of the Revolution.
It was named after a Revolutionary War Hero called General Sumter.

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It was named after a revolutionary war hero called General Thomas Sumter

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Q: How did Fort Sumter get its name?
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Fort Sumter is in Charleston, South Carolina.

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