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The ironclad was a remarkable invention during the time of the Civil War. With the iron covered hulls, and the roof mounted cannons, they were thought indestructible. With this new ship added to the Civil War, sea battles became as important as land battles such as Gettysburg.

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During the US Civil War battle at Hampton Roads, the first ironclad vs ironclad naval battle took place. Based on the success of ironclad warships during this war, more ironclad warships were built and soon dominated sea warfare.

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Bsically the ironclads made the transition from wooden battleships to ironclads. It was noticed all over the world, for example used by napoleon III.

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Q: How did Ironclad changed naval warfare in civil war?
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What was ironclad used for during the civil war?

Naval battle

What effects on the US Civil War did the ironclads warships have?

Ironclad warships that were used against each side were significant in the world of naval warfare. It made wooden warships and cargo ships easy targets for ironclad ships of war.

What were some of the modernizations of the civil war?

A non single shot repeating rifle (carbines) and major advances in naval warfare with ironclad ships plus advances in medicine with battle surgery.

The Monitor and the Merrimack were examples of what which changed the nature of naval warfare?

weiner NEW RESPONDENT The fighting represented the end of the era of wooden sailing warship and the advent of ironclad, steam powered warships.

What is the south ironclad?

The South Ironclad refers to various ironclad warships used by the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. The most famous example is the CSS Virginia, formerly known as the USS Merrimack, which participated in the Battle of Hampton Roads in 1862. The South Ironclads played a significant role in changing naval warfare tactics during the Civil War.

Were there any naval battles during the US Civil War?

Yes, there were naval battles; in fact, the first ironclad ships were invented during the Civil War.

How did ironclad change naval warfare?

The age wooden ships had passed. Iron & steel vessels of war would be the new order.

What revolution in shipbuilding changed naval warfare?

ANSWER The building of the Ironclads.

Did the Civil War do the war on the boat?

During the Civil War, both the Confederate navy and the Union navy had ships. They both had boats with sloped armor and cannons called an "Ironclad." The Union navy admiral was David Glasgow Farraguat The Confederate navy admiral was Rafael Semmes Fighting on the water in boats is called Naval warfare, or naval battles

What has the author Arthur Mokin written?

Arthur Mokin has written: 'Ironclad' -- subject(s): History, Monitor (Ironclad), Naval operations, United States Civil War, 1861-1865

What was the significance of thebattle of monitor v merrimack?

The war is notable as the history's first duel between ironclad warships and the beginning of new era of naval warfare.

How did the battle of the ironclads during the US Civil War change warfare forever?

Ironclad warships were not new to the naval world, what the US Civil War presented was the first time two ironclads fought each other. That was at the Battle of Hampton Roads in 1862. Perhaps what changed sea warfare the most was the invention of the turret cannon that was new on the USS Monitor.