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They sent them 22,000 troops to help them in the civil war.

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Q: How did Scotland help the Parliamentarians in the English Civil War?
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How did the parliamentarians feel towards the civil war?


How did the new model army help parliament win the civil war?

The impact that the new Model Army had on the army's in the English Civil War was that the Cavaliers ( the kings army ) were suprised and not ready for it, this meant that the Parliamentarians had an upper hand in the war and this was one of the many reasons that they were able to over come the king's army and win one ofthe English Civil Wars

How did the English civil war and the french and American revolution help make democratic principles?

They didnt ;)

How do you say hi i am from Scotland.?

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In the English Civil War how did Charles power struggle with parliament help to start the English Civil War?

well Charles ! with Parliament because Charles did not give them enough power and so the civil war broke out on really what seems to be Parliament and Charles fighting over power!!!!!!!x

What were the Advantages and Disadvantages of the English Civil War?

Hello, there are many advantages and disadvantages, but unfortunately i don't know what they are, sorry i couldn't help!

What word in 'Macbeth' meant a nobleman of Scotland?

In the play 'Macbeth', a nobleman of Scotland held a certain title. That title was 'thane'. For example, Macbeth started out as the Thane of Glamis. With the death of a noble Scotsman who was deemed traitorous to the King of Scotland, he also became the Thane of Cawdor. At the end of the play, English influences accompanied English help in overthrowing and killing Macbeth [d. August 15, 1057]. One such influence was the announcement by the subsequent King Malcolm III [d. November 13, 1093] that all noblemen of Scotland henceforth would be called by the English title of earl.

How did the creation of the united kingdom help both England and Scotland?

it never helped Scotland in any way.

What are Norway and Scotland fighting for in Macbeth?

The story of Macbeth takes place in Scotland in 1040. At that time both England and Scotland (and Ireland) were continually being attacked by Scandinavians from Denmark or Norway. In earlier times it had been the Vikings; in later times it was their descendants from Normandy, the Normans. In the 900s the Danes controlled a large part of England until they were evicted in 950. In Macbeth, the Norwegians have attacked Scotland (with the help of the Thane of Cawdor).

Soldiers at the English Civil War?

There were many unwilling and untrained soldiers in the English Civil war. There wasn't enough time or money to train them and they refused to be trained unless they were payed more.

Can English police chase cars into Scotland?

Yes, English police can chase cars into Scotland if the situation requires it, especially in the case of a serious crime or threat to public safety. However, they would need to coordinate with Scottish authorities once they cross the border.

Did the Freedman's bureau help poor whites during the civil war?

no they were created after the civil war and they did help them