How did Thomas gates die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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What did Thomas Gates do in the civil war?

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Q: How did Thomas gates die?
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When did Thomas Gates die?

Thomas Gates died on 1621

When did Thomas Sovereign Gates die?

Thomas Sovereign Gates died in 1948.

When did William Thomas George Gates die?

William Thomas George Gates died in 1990.

When was Thomas Sovereign Gates born?

Thomas Sovereign Gates was born in 1873.

Did thomas gates help the assasionation of Lincoln?

No. Thomas gates helped him get away

When was William Thomas George Gates born?

William Thomas George Gates was born in 1905.

Was Thomas Gates the subject of the movie 'National Treasure'?

Thomas gates was the main point in the movie at the beginning

What did thomas gates find in virginia in 1610?

Thomas Gates discovered the Colony of Virginia. This happened in the year 1610.

Is defense secretary Robert gates related to former defense secretary thomas gates?


Who is Andy Thomas?

Bill Gates in disguise.

Who was the governor of jamestown appointed by?

Thomas Gates

Is Thomas Gates a real person?

There were several historical figures named Thomas Gates. "Tommy Gate" is also the brand name of a hydraulic tailgate for trucks.