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In the US, economic tensions were up due to the war producing manufactures (Jet Aircraft production, missile production, Riverine Boat production, Tank & Armored Personnel Carrier Production, Ammunition, Artillery Shell, Bombs, Hand Grenades, etc.) who were inherently doing well, receiving bad press in television, newspapers, magazines...for so doing well. The press also covered and interviewed soldiers who were against the war and who were under no instructions to be anything other than utterly and viciously candid in their views. These companies began to experience anti-war protesters on their property. Or at least having the name of their company painted on a anti-war protester's sign as they marched down the street.

Politics is part of war. Politicians are under tension in nearly all wars. However, the military draft was the biggest issue during the Vietnam War; as long as the son's of politicians remained out of the news, meaning not being drafted...the angrier the anti-war protesters became. When the son's of politicians began to be inducted into the military, the politicians then began to speak louder for an end to the war. This was partly the basis of the saying at the time, "...only the poor were being drafted, not the rich kids..."The war in Vietnam used draftees to fill the ranks of the soldiers who would attempt to accomplish the govt's goals and sometimes fulfill those spots of politician's sons.

Unlike WW2 & Korea; To avoid an escalation in the raising of the defensive posture's of the Superpowers, US Military Reserves could NOT be mobilized (Activated), as they can be today (in the 21st Century). Translation: During the cold war, mobilizing the military reserves was viewed as a step upward in mobilizing for total war. Meaning, the Soviets might mobilize THEIR military reserves also; Escalation! Consequently, the Vietnam War had to be fought with Draftees; 40,000 US Men a month were fed into the war machine during the late 1960's. A.V(;

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The Vietnam War had to be fought by draftees, due to the cold war, reserves could NOT be called up and used. The draft caused the turmoil (which is why the US military went to the all volunteer military of TODAY!).

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Will that draft notice be in the mail today? Do you really want to check your mail box?

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Q: How did Vietnam war create tension?
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