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According to US Military WWII veterans who fought in Vietnam; prostitution was just as common in WWII, Korean & Vietnam Wars. According to history books, the American Civil War (aka US Civil War) was just as common, having women prostitutes.

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Vietnam was the last time "the world's oldest profession" was "un-officially" accepted by the military; Korean War, WW2, WW1, US Civil War, Frontier Wars, etc. all had em. Vietnam was also the last war in which US fighting men could bring home "war souvenirs (rifles and handguns)." Vietnam was the last war in which US fighting men were issued cigarettes. Vietnam was the last war in which women were assigned to the WAC's and WAVEs: US Army (Women's Army Corps) and US Navy (Women Allowed into the Navy for Volunteer Emergency Service). Vietnam was the last war in which US fighter pilots became combat aces (5 or more aerial kills/dog-fights).

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Q: How did Vietnam war effect prostitution during that time?
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