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•Education and training provided.

•7.8 million veterans attended collages and technical schools.

•Loan guarantees

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Q: How did World War 2 affect Returning GIs?
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How did the war and its immediate aftermath affect returning Gls?

A war Hassan's impacts on the GIs who have fraught in the war. When they return home from the war they have to adjust to civilian life and find work. Some may be mentally traumatized by the war, which would effect their lives after the war.

What compensation did GIs families receive for GIs killed in World War 2?

$10,000 Life Insurance policy

What does the term GIs of world war 2 mean?

goverenment issue

How many GIs came to Britain in World War 2?


What was a muleskinner in World War 1?

Muleskinners were GIs who took care of the mules.

What was the mental affect the vietnames war had on Australian vets?

A smaller force than US GIs, the Australians had a great attitude, and were very good at fighting the war. The NVA/VC much preferred fighting GIs than Australians.

Why were World War 2 soldiers called GIs?

G.I. stands for Government Issue

What happened to the us at the end of the Vietnam war?

Nothing out of the ordinary, life went on as usual (which was "part" of the problem for returning GIs from the war..."some" people back home in the US acted as if nothing happened over there (in Vietnam).

How where American veterans from the Vietnamese war treated?

The best answer might be, many (or most) returning GIs shed their uniforms pretty quick and didn't volunteer any information on where they just came from.

What is the GI Bill of Rights?

The G.I. Bill (officially titled the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, PL345) provided for college or vocational education for returning World War II veterans (commonly referred to as GIs or G.I.s) as well as one year of unemployment compensation. It also provided loans for returning veterans to buy homes and start businesses.

What was the economic problem facing returning war veterans in World War 1?

Shortage of jobs

How did the women behave when GIs came back after World War 1?

They were excited and relieved to have their men back safe at home.