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The Vietnam conflict was a type of proxy war, in that our Cold War foe, Russia, heavily subsidized Communist North Vietnam in their fight with U.S. forces.

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Because it was fought against communists. The cold war was against communism.

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cause it did

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Q: How did a local struggle in Vietnam become a major cold war conflict?
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A soldiers name from the Vietnam war?

Colonel George S. Patton, commander of the 11th ACR (Armored Cavalry Regiment) South Vietnam, 1968.

In which geographic region did a local nationalist conflict start world war 1?

Middle east

What conflicts may occur between visitors and local people?

Visitors may come to conflict with local people by visitors touching their property, vandalism on local people houses, litter issues, about shop prices

In 1914 fighting increased rapidly from a local conflict in Europe to a world war because?

Powerful nations had opposing aliances.

What started the whole conflict with the Vietnam war?

Vietnam did Anything to do with Vietnam, especially a question as emotional as this, is still very sensitive. However, I would have to say the first thing is to try and address which war between who in Vietnam. Many occured either simultaneously or around the same time. The war between the Vietnam and French? The war between the Vietnam and US? The US war with the Chinese? or the Cambodians? Debatably, no real conflict occured between the Vietnam and the Chinese, but certainly Vietnam had a decent go at a civil war (hence the North & South Vietnam). As to the US and Vietnam: The entirety of the conflict was by our armed forces on and in that country. No Vietnamese were ever known to have attacked the US, or US assets outside of those occupying their land. Regardless of what was going on internally there already, we (the US) certainly weren't personally involved. Had we not sent in forces to that countries land, whether it became more communist quickly or not, (something one is allowed, even protected to be in the US), there probably would have been no battles and we probably would not have ever had much to do with that area. Had we not sent our forces there, most certainly Vietnamese forces wouldn't have come to occupy US lands or towns -- and you would not now be learning about a US war with Vietnam.

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How did a local struggle in Vietnam turn into a major event of the Cold War?

Two different topics/questions here; "Local Struggle..." and "Major event of the cold war..." 1. The VN War wasn't a local struggle. It involved the world powers and potential atomic war. 2. Any SHOOTING war during the cold war was a major event.

Has American society learned something from Vietnam that shapes the way you view the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?

The lessons of Vietnam have held back the escalation of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. These conflict areas were denoted as short turn with an emphasis on encouraging the local government to take over upon the demilitarization of the area.

What sociological perspective would be most likely to suggest that multinational corporations exploit local workers to maximize profits?

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How could a conflict be resolved by local people?


A soldiers name from the Vietnam war?

Colonel George S. Patton, commander of the 11th ACR (Armored Cavalry Regiment) South Vietnam, 1968.

Do conflict diamonds help local economies?

Conflict diamonds 'help' the terrorists and criminals who profit from them. In local economies run by terrorists and criminals, you could say that conflict diamonds 'help' those economies, because the diamonds are turned into cash.

Who was involved in the Vietnam was?

North Vietnam & the local VC supplied by USSR/Red China against the US/Australia/New Zealand/South Korea/South Vietnam/Thailand/Philippines.

How was the Vietnam War a cold war front?

The war was largely between local Communist forces, backed by USSR and China, and anti-Communist forces, backed by USA and other Western-style democracies. This made it part of the greater global struggle between Communist regimes and those that opposed them.

How do you find people who were in the Vietnam War?

Go to the local VFW or American Legion Post.

What are the disadvantages of local brand?

The disadvantages of a local brand is that the prices may not be as competitive as those of a national or international brand. Local brands often struggle because they tend to be smaller, and more expensive.

Where can one find video footage from the Vietnam War?

Unfortuanetly due do the standards of the Vietnam War you cannot find an accurate footage from the Vietnam War. However if you go to the local library chances are you may find one.

Did russia fight in Vietnam war?

No, Russia did not directly fight in the Vietnam War. However, it provided military support to North Vietnam in the form of weapons, supplies, and training. Russia's involvement in the conflict was primarily through its support of the communist Vietnamese forces.