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He was simply a participant.

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Q: How did bob Dillon influence rock and roll during the Vietnam war?
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Chubby Checker has to do with the cold war?

during the explosion of TV and other inventions people started watching rock and roll on their televisions. These rock and roll legends are buddy holly, Beatles, Elvis, and chubby checker.....

What are the landmarks of Vietnam?

Landmarks for whom? Veterans or just plain civilian tourists? For just plain tourists there's nothing special about Great Walls or Pyramids. For even veterans, there's probably not much left to see as those old firebases have been turned into farms and the tanks have probably been re-cycled into automobiles. The Rock Pile near the old base Khe Sanh will still be there, but'll probably have no meaning to anyone other than some vets.

What countries and political figures were invovled in the Vietnam War?

Maxwell Taylor, Curtis LeMay, Eisenhower, McNamara, Johnson, President Kennedy, Senator Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Wayne, James Stewart, Glenn Ford, Bob Hope, Gen. Patton (son of WW2 Gen. Patton), Errol Flynn's son Sean Flynn, Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., Nixon, Ford, muscial groups (rock and roll bands), etc. Thailand, South Korea, South Vietnam, (indirectly/un-officially) Laos & Cambodia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, the US, (Soviet Union/Red China supporting) North Vietnam.

What was the result on Vietnam War?

The new adult age in the US became 18 instead of age 21. Men are NO LONGER drafted; an all volunteer military was created. There are NO LONGER two countries in Southeast Asia called North & South Vietnam; there is only one Communist country called Vietnam. Individual US Infantrymen & US Marine Riflemen NO LONGER have full automatic capabilities on their individual rifles; they can only fire in short round bursts today. The Vietnam War was the ONLY war in US history in which every individual US Infantrymen and US Marine had a fully automatic rifle. After action reports indicated that US riflemen were "wasting" ammunition in return for "hits" on enemy personnel. "Rock 'n Roll" (Automatic Fire) sounded good, but was ineffective. Fixed-wing Aircraft (airplanes) have been replaced by helicopters and satellites for "spotting" artillery (adjusting artillery fire). US Infantrymen combat steel helmets have been replaced by ballistic armor. Maps & Compass's have been replaced by computers (GPS).

What impact did the Vietnam War have on music?

Rock and roll music was just about the closest thing GIs had to a computer over there. So, whenever music could be played it was. Steppenwolfs "Born to be Wild" was sometimes hooked up for the tank crew, when a "Thunder-run" was being made. That tape was fairly popular as the song's words just about described a thunder-run. A Patton tank drove down the road with it's 90mm gun and .50 caliber machinegun blazing away, which matched up with the song's "fire all of your guns and watch them explode into flame..."

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What did the soldiers listen to during the Vietnam war?

Rock 'n roll.

How did music change during Vietnam?

Full automatic on the M16 rifle was called "rock n roll."

How did the Vietnam War influence the Counterculture during the 1960s?

Before the Vietnam war reporters were not getting into the middle of the action. During the Vietnam war they began to. People began to see horific things on the news and finally understood what was actually happening in Vietnam.One thing that was shown on the news was the shooting of a man who was suspected to be a communist. He was shot in the head on live television. This horrified many people in America and they began to start protesting.

What are the release dates for Rock Influence - 1984?

Rock Influence - 1984 was released on: USA: 1984

How did the televising of the Vietnam war influence the arts in the post-modernism era?

Music (Rock and Roll) and the film industry..."Apocalypse Now", "Deer Hunter", "Platoon", "Full Metal Jacket", etc.

What happens to a rock's mineral composition during mechanical weathernig?

The minerals that are in a rock will influence how quick it weathers. Strong materials will not weather as quickly as loose materials.

How did the hypodermic theory aplly to the Vietnam war?

The term evolved from the WWI era, and was picked up by a 'rock 'n roll band during the 1960's.

What type of rock is the Vietnam veterans memorial made of?

The website, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall gives that information.

What actors and actresses appeared in Rock Influence - 1984?

The cast of Rock Influence - 1984 includes: Karla DeVito as Herself - Host

What cultures influence rock music?

Rock 'n' Rolls original influence was by African- Americans such as Chuck Berry and present day rock is influenced by any culture who cares to play rock music.

Rock revival jeans made in Vietnam authentic?


Are rock revival jeans made in Vietnam authentic?