How did colonel shaw die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He died leading the 54th Massachussetts (coloured) Regiment at the siege of Fort Wagner in the assault of July 18, 1863, after having reached the crest of the fort's earthworks slope.

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Q: How did colonel shaw die?
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How tall was colonel robert shaw?

Colonel robert shaw was 5'6. He was quite under the average adult height in united states.

What rank is shaw made?

Shaw was ranked a colonel. This was written in a letter to his mother.

What rank was Robert gould shaw when in charge of the 54th?

He was a Colonel.

Who led the attack on Fort Wager?

Colonel Robert Gould Shaw

Who was the colonel who was marching east from fort Shaw in Montana?

John Gibson

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Anna, Josephine, Susanna and Ellen.

How does the attitude of colonel Robert Gould Shaw toward African-Americans and why?

I don’t know

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He was a grave digger.

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Robert Shaw played this ficticious character

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