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Containment of the free trade international market allowed the U.S. and communist countries to avoid nuclear confrontations helping to secure the peacetime foreign policy.

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Q: How did containment permanently change US peacetime foreign policy?
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How did President Truman approach the cold war?

He was anticommunist so he wanted to stop it from spreading. He decided that under the 'Truman Doctrine' the US would help any nation that was in danger of falling to communism. This was his policy of containment, his foreign policy.

How did containment and the arms race contribute to the cold war?

The Cold war was started after the second world war finished and was basically America being paranoid about Communism spreading from Russia and West Germany in the South East Asia and then onto America. Containment was what America was trying to do to Communism. Because they 'lost' China they wanted to contain it. Korea was split in the Cold War as part of containment and also Vietnam. The Korean and Vietnam wars were both against Communism. The arms race was about nuclear weapons as straight after the second world war, America were the only country in the world with nuclear weapons and they didn't want the Russians getting them. They eventually did and this lead to events such as the Cuban Missiles crisis and also led to a drastic change in foreign policy from Eisenhower wanting to use nuclear weapons against communism to Kennedy having to avoid it because the Russia's would use them on America.

Why was containment so important during world war 2 and the cold war?

IF the term "containment" was ever used in WW2, it certainly wasn't meant in the same context as the "cold war" containment...there were no nuclear weapons during 99% of WW2. Atomic weapons created the "cold war." Without atomic weapons, the Soviets/Red Chinese/etc. would've been fighting the US more times than just Korea and Vietnam...and they would have been "declared total wars." Since Nukes wouldn't have existed, it would have been "war as usual." Man's been fighting wars since before recorded time. Why should things change now(?)...because of atomic weapons they changed! Nukes DO EXIST; and they have since 1945. Thus, the cold war. It was important because the Communists were violating most of the values that the free world considered important. And the communists were seemingly getting more aggressive...therefore, the free world resisted them.

How could confederate states be readmitted to the union?

Each state that had seceded from the Union had to go through several steps. They had to permanently abolish slavery, have a fraction of all men sign a loyalty oath to the United States, and agree never to attempt to secede again.

The Korean War marked a change in US foreign relations in which way?

It was the biggest commitment of U.S. troops and resources without a formal declaration of war. It solidified the new commitment to a large standing army in the United States.

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