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Their land was taken from them, they were forced to live on reservations, they didn't have the manpower to fight, and they couldn't farm or hunt.

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Q: How did government policies and battlefield challenges affect the Indian wars?
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What was the U. S. government's Office of Indian Affairs responsible for?

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How were Native Americans impacted by the federal government Indian policies?

Native Americans were deeply impacted by the Federal government's Indian policies. For one, countless tribes lost their lands and were forcibly moved onto reservations. This marginalized them, and forced many to adapt white man's laws across the nation.

What was the U.S. government's office of Indian Affairs responsible for doing?

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What was the U S government's Office of Indian Affairs responsible for?

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What has the author Ernest Melvin Loudon written?

Ernest Melvin Loudon has written: 'A study of the Federal Government Indian Land Policies and the Yakima Indian Confederation 1855-1934' -- subject(s): Yakama Indians, Government relations

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The National Congress of American Indians (Apex)

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