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a man names manassas named it after himself

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Q: How did manassas get its name?
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What was the southern name for the Bull Run?

The name that the south called for the Battle of Bull run was Manassas.

What is the souther name for bull run?


What is the other name of the battle of bullrun?


What was the northern name of the Battle of Bull Run?

The battle of manassas was the name

What was the unions name for the battle of manassas?

Bull Run

What does manassas have to do with the civil war?

Manassas is the name given to two battles fought roughly near the railroad junction of Manassas and along the Bull Run River. They were called First and Second Manassas by the Confederates and First and Second Bull Run by the Federals.

What was the name of the plantations where the first Battle of Bull Run?


What was another name given to the Battle of Bull Run?


Where is the Manassas Museum in Manassas Virginia located?

The address of the Manassas Museum is: 9101 Prince William St, Manassas, VA 20110

Why did they name Battle of Bull Run its name?

It was called that by the Union Army because Bull Run Creek was nearby. It was called the Battle of Manassas by the Confederates because Manassas Junction, an important railroad junction was nearby.

Where is the Manassas Museum Associates in Manassas Virginia located?

The address of the Manassas Museum Associates is: Po Box 560, Manassas, VA 20110

What is the origin of the word manassas?

Difficult to define, there was an Frenchman, of the same name, who was said to have lived in a gap though the mountains in the area. The area became known as Manassas Gap