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Most were gassed soon after arrival.

More than any of the killing centers in the Nazi system, Auschwitz exemplifies the rationalization of murder. It was most efficient camp established by the Nazi regime for carrying out the "Final Solution."

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Most of the killings were carried out in Poland

Also however in concentration camps in a auschwitz.

Everywhere, they were killed in Kristallnacht and in concentration camps.

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Most of the Holocaust victims were either shot, execution style, or gassed with Hydrogen Cyanide.

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Q: How did most victims of the Holocaust die?
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How did Jewish children die in the Holocaust?

Most of the child victims were gassed with their mothers.

How old were most Holocaust victims?

Most Holocaust victims were all ages, from newborns and unborns to 100 year olds.

What were the problems of the victims of the holocaust?

The main problem was that they were going to die.

What were victims of the Holocaust described as?

Holocaust victims.

What gun was most effective in the Holocaust?

Most Holocaust victims died through gas poisoning.

Where are the Holocaust victims now?

The victims are dead.

How many salvs were killed in the holocaust?

Troops were not killed in the Holocaust, but Jews 6 million died. ____ The Holocaust was genocide, not a war.

Did the Holocaust victims consist of polish people?

YES, The Holocaust victims did consist polish people.

Jewish Holocaust deaths in Greece?

About 54,000 Jewish Greeks were victims of the Holocaust. Most of them were transported out of Greece to other camps.

What did the victims of the Holocaust have to wear?

Most of them wore prison clothes supplied by the state.

What is the center of the Holocaust?

the victims

What did Jude have to do with the holocaust?

they were the victims