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This widely depended on country, availability of resources due to the war and income. While wealthy Britons, for example, might have had an indoor bathroom with hot running water, many working class households used a tin bath in the kitchen, heated by being placed in front of an open fire. In luxury hotels, some rooms had bathrooms but for the majority of hotels, inns and guest houses, bathrooms were shared and this commonly lasted until the 1970s, when "en suite" bathrooms began to be the norm. Throughout wartime Britain, rationing of fuel and water reduced availability of hot water, so people were only allowed to have a bath once a week and only fill the bath with water 5 inches deep. This led to people marking a maximum fill line in the bath (even in Buckingham Palace) and water being shared by a second person using the water after the first ( or 2 people in the bath at a time! )

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Q: How did people have a bath in World War 2?
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