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Buchanan wasn't President so he didn't respond. Lincoln was president.

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Q: How did president Buchanan respond to fort Sumter situation?
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How did president Lincoln respond to the surrender of fort Sumter?

he made a army to fight fort sumert

How did President Buchanan handle the potentially tense situation in the Charleston South Carolina harbor in 1860?

President James Buchanan ordered Major Anderson to take command of Fort Moultrie in November of 1860. This was one of the older forts in the Charleston harbor. The president assured Anderson that his role there was a caretaker and not a provocateur. Anderson found the fort to be lacking in troops and artillery. He asked Buchanan for reinforcements but was denied. In December, Anderson took it upon himself to evacuate Moultrie and move to the unfinished Fort Sumter.

Why was Lincoln reluctant to defend Fort Sumter Why did he eventually respond to the situation by asking for Union troops?

He wasn't reluctant to defend Sumter, but the attack was a surprise and began the war so he needed troops.

Who was president when the cilvil war started?

Buchanan was still in the chair when South Carolina seceded. But Lincoln had been inaugurated by the time the first shots were fired at Fort Sumter.

What was president loincoln's first reponse to the situation at fort Sumter?

Lincoln said he would send food but no arms to the fort.

Is fort Sumter a museum?

Fort Sumter was a fort back when Lincoln was president.

Who are the 2 presidents who served in the civil war?

Apart from Lincoln, there was: The outgoing President Buchanan, still in office when South Carolina seceded, but not when the first shots were fired at Fort Sumter. Vice-President Andrew Johnson, who was sworn in as President after Lee had surrendered at Appomattox, but before Joe Johnston had surrendered at Bentonville.

What was the advice given to President Lincoln by General Scott regarding Fort Sumter?

General in Chief Winfield Scott urged President Lincoln to have Major Anderson and his troops leave Fort Sumter rather then have an armed conflict. Scott had already let anyone who would listen that a war between the states would bloody and cause more hate between the North and the South. President Lincoln decided that this Southern rebellion had to end.

Why was fort Sumter being fought?

President Lincoln sent supplies to Fort Sumter and the South wanted to stop the supplies from reaching the Fort, which they did. Fort Sumter fought back and ended up losing the supplies and the battle.

What was President Lincoln's response to the situation at Fort Sumter?

After the Confederates fired on the US Army garrison on the island of Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbour, Lincoln could not declare war, because that would mean recognising the Confederacy as a sovereign nation. Instead he appealed for volunteer troops to put down a rebellion of the Southern states and bring them back into the USA.

How many volunteers did Lincoln call for after fort Sumter?

After the surrender of Fort Sumter, President Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers. He requested that each of them serve for three months.

What confederate orderd the attack of ft Sumter?

Beauregard (on the orders of his President, Jefferson Davis.)