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Reconstruction changed life in the South in several ways, but only temporarily. First, it helped the emancipated slave populations to assume leadership roles in Southern society and otherwise break with their enslaved pasts. Second, it served as a stabilizing and development factor for industrial and agricultural rebuilding throughout the South.

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Q: How did reconstruction change life in the south?
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How did southern economy change after reconstruction?

The South had developed a more balanced economy after Reconstruction

What was life like for freedmen and poor whites during Reconstruction?

What would it be like to live in the south as a freedman during Reconstruction?

How did the state legislatures in the South begin to change as a result of Reconstruction?

u guess it

How did political power change in the south once reconstruction was over?

we had implications on reconstruction and the southern states because of your mom :3 GG>

After reconstruction one major change in agriculture was?

The South had developed a more balanced economy after Reconstruction. The major goals were to rejoin all the states back to the Union and to help rebuild the South.

How did reconstruction helped the south?

The South rejoined the union after reconstruction.

Why is the South's Reconstruction considered a failure?

The South reverted to its racist ways following Reconstruction.

What was the name given to the south?

Reconstruction OR "The Era of Reconstruction"

After the civil war what was the period of rebuilding the South called?

Reconstruction was what the period of rebuilding the south was after the civil war.

What was the name given to rebuilding the south?

Reconstruction OR "The Era of Reconstruction"

Who were the Northerners who came south to help in Reconstruction?

They were called Scalawags. They intended on supporting the South in Reconstruction. The ones who took advantage of the Reconstruction era were carpetbaggers.

How did reconstruction benefit landowners in the agriculture economy of the south?

How did Reconstruction benefit landowners in the agricultural economy of the South?